1146 - When you were god

When you were god
You shone in the blue summer light
When you were god
You were master of the water and the air and the sun
You were my dolphin father
You were my warm copper skin

Your wrath was
- oh, there were no words for that it sounded like a whip cutting right through my flesh

And your smile was
- I forgot. Too rare

(once in the night you walked home gently drunk and I was on your heels
oh that magic night were you laughed so soft and merrily)

Sometimes from your godly mouth felt

A Compliment !

No spartan guard, no soldier, no knight
Ever had such a perfect shield
No space rocket such a fuel

And now amidst a distant world
Where I don't seek you anymore (but in thoughts and sad smiles)

Sometimes I wonder
If I have been, if ever there was,
as good a god as you.

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